August 4, 2012

My office is a mess.

As I sit in my chair, a quick scan across my desk, guest chairs and even the floor reveals a scene that looks like a nuclear bomb has detonated nearby. Actually it is the accumulation of stuff from a busy week at Evangel.

  • On the left side of my desk are two handmade ‘cards’ from a couple of kids who attended our vacation Bible school this week. The squiggly handwriting and picture of a smiling sun bring a grin to my face.
  • Further to the left is a sheet of construction paper, complete with foam crosses–glued and glittered. The words, ‘I love Jesus’ bring a tear to my eyes.
  • On the floor sits a bag with leftover treat bags. Every kid took one home—complete with a New Testament, some Play-Doh® and of course CANDY!

I am thankful for the students who gave their time to help this week. They stepped up and served beyond their years and even their experience. Some of them are bound for places of leadership, and they have a heart for the Kingdom of God. Everyone pulled part of the load, and it was awesome to see them stretch and grow.

I appreciate the adults who came when they could to greet parents, help with crafts, and serve snacks. You may never realize the impact your kindness made until Jesus pulls back the curtain in eternity and allows us to see the ripple effect of your giving.

My office is a mess. But I’ll clean it up next week. For now I’ll smile when I remember the kids who just soaked up every moment of VBS, smiling and laughing and listening to the stories. I’ll cry as I pray for the little guys who came with dirty faces and holey sneakers, and jumped right into everything going. I’ll think of stuff we could have done better (and we will do it better next time); I’ll wish we had more time, more resources, more help.

But most of all, I’ll thank Jesus for helping us love some kids who needed to know they’re loved. I’ll thank Him for the kids whose lives were changed as they opened up to God’s love. I’ll thank Him for the chance to touch the some hearts while they’re still tender—before the years have made them hard. I’ll thank Him for the mess, because it reminds me of the miracles that took place here this week.

Matthew 19:14 NLT — But Jesus said, “Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”


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