Christmas Means More

‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…everywhere you go…’

We’ve arrived at the Christmas season here in the Cap City. It’s a fascinating and frustrating time. Something changes in people in December. Something about this time of year and our participation in it its festivities makes us act differently.

  • Some of the most mild-mannered citizens become poster children for road/parking lot rage.
  • Some of the meanest and crankiest people in the neighbourhood suddenly develop (gasp) concern for others.

Some of us react to the season by inflating our own importance to the point we justify:

  • cutting the line
  • double parking
  • running red lights
  • berating store clerks
  • speeding

Others react to the season by deliberately slowing down, looking people in the eye and smiling, holding doors open, purposefully parking further from the mall entrance, actually tipping service industry workers generously, and whistling more.

Can I challenge you to closely examine the way you proceed through these next few weeks? We probably can’t take the Goliath of consumerism down, but we just might make our neighbourhood a little brighter. (but not this bright).

Christmas means more. Do more than tweet it. Let’s live it.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Means More

  1. So true brother…. I’m really tired of hearing about Black Friday and seeing the selfishness it creates. The day after Thanksgiving in the US and people are getting shot and pepper sprayed, for what – 25% off an iPod. Crazy.

  2. Hi Pastor Duane,

    That’s a great thought in this month’s devotion.

    Dwellers in both the rural and urban areas, we do notice most of what you list in the December comment, and our conclusion is that rural life is much, much calmer!! That said, we appreciate the city for its variety and the occasional “good cheer”.

    Merry Christmas to you, Heather, your family, and our friends at Evangel.

    Georgina and Fred

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